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A Rust PvE Network

Hey there! Welcome to the CobaltCove Store. Here you can find all the little goodies and perks that we offer in return for your support.

Simply click the donator packages tab above. There you will be able to choose a donator rank. If you click on one of the packages, a little popup box will appear with some extra information about that rank. 

Once you have donated and joined the server, you will automatically be given your donator rank. If for some reason your rank doesn't get added, please use our support system on the CobaltCove Discord, or email and your issue will be sorted out as soon as possible.


When you donate to our network, you will receive your perks on all of our servers. To claim your perks you must connect to the server that you're playing on. If at some point you change to another one of our servers, you will also receive the perks there too.

If you have a problem with a donation, for example you have not received your perks after waiting 15 minutes, you can contact us on discord via our support system. To join our discord go to, or click the discord link at the top of this page.

Your Steam account is used to identify you in-game and assign the perks to your account. Your Discord account is used to provide you the #supporter tag when you donate for the Platinum package, as well as providing us with additional troubleshooting information about who has made a donation in the event that is required.

We do not under any circumstance collect the login details to either your Steam or Discord accounts. All the information used in our system is there to provide you with the smoothest donation process possible.

In some cases we do allow you to move a donation to a second account. In this case all perks and RP will be removed from account one, and added to account 2. However we do not allow you to gift your perks to another player if you intend on leaving our network.

Generally we will not refund any donation.
We will refund a donation if you donated for the same package twice by mistake. If this happens, please open a support ticket in our discord and we'll assist you.

We will not refund a donation if:
You have received a ban from our network, rules still apply to donating players.
You have used all of your RP, or no longer want the package you donated for.

Be warned, if you file a false chargeback against us you will be permanently banned from our network. Before filing a chargeback open a support ticket on our discord and allow us to fix the issue first.