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Duration1 Month1 Month1 Month1 Month2 Months
Chat Prefix[Bronze][Silver][Gold][Platinum][Platinum]
RP Points200,000 RP450,000 RP1,000,000 RP1,500,000 RP3,000,000 RP
Home Points5 Homes6 Homes8 Homes10 Homes10 Homes
Backpack Slots18 Slots24 Slots36 Slots42 Slots42 Slots
Daily Teleports40 Teleports60 Teleports100 TeleportsUnlimited TeleportsUnlimited Teleports
Teleport Countdown15 Seconds10 Seconds5 SecondsInstantInstant
Auto Pipes18 Pipes24 Pipes40 Pipes100 Pipes100 Pipes
Upgraded Chainsaw75 Fuel Per Tank100 Fuel Per Tank250 Fuel Per Tank500 Fuel Per Tank500 Fuel Per Tank
Recycler Rates50% Return60% Return65% Return70% Return70% Return
Anti Air Turrets2 Turrets3 Turrets4 Turrets5 Turrets5 Turrets
Purge Exclusion

Loot Sorter

Premium Loot Sorter

Spawnable Minicopter

Spawnable Scrap Heli

Spawnable Row Boat

Spawnable RHIB

Item Auto Repair

Free Item Auto Repair

Placeable Recycler

Skinning Weapons

Skinning Attire

Skinning Deployables